A poet chooses his or her language to represent all those concealed connotations, sounds, rhythms and colours. Each word is a delegate, there to stand for a hundred or perhaps a thousand others, their constituencies a whole chapter of life or lore. That is why economy, well managed, can speak so voluminously.


The Cuban poet Jorge Enrique González Pacheco understands this great and noble form of linguistic politics, selecting only the very finest examples of symbol and sound to serve as senators of the written word.


Dr. Gavin O'Toole (The Latin American Review of Books, London, UK)

New Book

Habitante Invisible

Ediciones Deslinde


Madrid, Spain 2020

La poesia de González Pacheco en Habitante Invisible eleva y enaltece, nos transporta a un universo donde pareciera que sólo existen las palabras. Las palabras y los sentimientos.


Mirta Ojito, escritora y periodista cubana radicada en Estados Unidos, entre sus numerosos premios se encuentra un “Pulitzer Prize”.


The poetry of Gonzalez Pacheco in Invisible Dweller ennobles us as readers, transporting us to a universe where seemingly only words exist. Words and feelings.​

Mirta Ojito is a  Cuban-American Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist & Writer. 





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